When words fail,
music speaks.

Without music life would be a mistake.




Just send over the individual tracks of your song, and receive a full, clear mix that showcases your music in the way that fits it best. Mix delivered in 5 days from receiving the tracks, it does not include editing, it includes tuning. 2 revisions included (if needed) with you live (if requested) via a Zoom call with Audiomovers.


Mixing & Mastering


I receive all the payment upfront.
All my clients are satisfied with our work and happy to work with me.
My guarantee is my reputation.



You recorded, produced, and mixed your track already, and now it just needs that final polish. Send it to me, and I will make sure your song sounds the absolute best it can.
Master delivered within 2 days from receiving the mix. Includes 1 revision.

I receive payments with paypal.

Hear For yourself

Funky House             Mix & Master
Pop-R&B        Mix & Master
Soundtrack-Film Score         Mix & Master
Trap-Hiphop             Mix & Master
miKELEisgood – Hopes Up           Prod, Mix & Master


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